Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Singapore Food

Those were only some of the foods which I've taken during my 4 nights stay in Singapore.

Pic above:  That's our Thai food dinner at Nana's Restaurant, Far East Plaza. 

Wandering around Singapore

Pic above was taken at Pasar Geylang Serai:  Hubby surveying the many blouses, gowns, etc which are on display for sale.

 From Geylang Serai, we took a cab out to Bugis Junction to see if there's anything new.  Saw this booth (pics above) and we had some fun looking silly in the cage.

Wandering from Bugis Street towards Sim Lim Square, we encountered street entertainers from Japan playing their interesting musical instruments as you can see from the pic above and pics below.

Pic above:  He's blowing a didgeridoo - a wind instrument developed by the indigenous Australians of Northern Australia.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Golden Prawn Restaurant, Batam Island

16 years ago, this restaurant was just a medium-sized wooden stilt restaurant.  Today, it has expanded its' size but still on stilts where we can see and feed fishes which swim in the pond or rather 'seafood farm'.

This crab is gonna land into the wok and later, to be eaten by me.  I love the large claws as there's a lot of thick, sweet flesh inside.

 The  fish pond or rather, farm.

 Stir fried kail-lan.

 Yummilicious cili crab.

 Fresh coconut water to down the seafood lunch with.

 Fried tiger prawns sprinkled with garlic.

Steamed fish with ginger.

Batam Island

The following day- 31/05 - after our arrival from Guangzhou in Singapore, woke up early to catch the earliest boat out to Batam Island.
It has been about 16 years since our last trip to this Indonesian island which is about an hour boat ride from the island of Singapore.

Got the tickets to the second boat out instead of the first.

On Barelang bridge (if I've got the name correct).  Our daughter holding the biggest crab sold by the street vendor.

Our cab driver then brought us to one of the old villages which has existed since the early '70s, I guess.

 Hubby amongst some of the villagers.

Pic above:  Making charcoal.  We've never ever seen this before, and this was the first time in our whole lives to witness how charcoal is being made.  Saw similar scenes on documentary programmes on TV.

 A young boy on a swing.  Curious to see 3 strangers in the midst of their village.

Stopped over for a bit of shopping spree at one of the malls before proceeding to Golden Prawn restaurant for a late lunch.

Bye Guangzhou, Hello Singapore

 Departed Guangzhou through Baiyun International Airport at around 1320 hrs on 30/05.


Reached Changi International Airport about 4 hours after SQ 852 had departed Baiyun International Airport.  Checked in at Royal Plaza on Scotts hotel (pic below).